ArcGIS Online can be used for many different purposes and is a way of sharing simple web maps.  A free account is limited in space and data types, but excels as a very quick publishing tool for converting a spatial spreadsheet into a web map.  ArcGIS Online has a user interface for configuring popup boxes that include images and links.  For this project, ArcGIS Online was used as a searchable location map.  The places that  Kindersley visited show up as clickable points on a world map.  Each point is linked to multiple popup boxes that link directly to the letter's metadata page and full text.

Before creating the map, another field needed to be added to the letters metadata CSV file that contained a link to the letter’s online entry.  Next, the map was created by logging into and selecting “Map” from the top menu bar.  Next, “Add Layer from File” was selected and the CSV file of the letters metadata was chosen.  Upon upload, the program asks for the columns that contain the latitude (northing) and longitude (easting).  This automatically assigns the coordinates to the map.  Once the layer was added, it was clicked on and “Configure Popup” was selected.  The fields that were selected to be included in the popup boxes were title, the historic and modern place names, the date, and a link to the letter’s item entry.