This project includes a series of maps that show clusters of points that link to quotations grouped by theme.  It was made using Leaflet, which is a small library of of JavaScript and CSS files that can be installed into a web folder.  


To create a map with Leaflet, an HTML file is created for it.  The head tag calls the CSS and the JavaScript.  The body tag creates divs for layers and tools such as markers. The data files for the maps were added as a group of published views from GeoServer in the GeoJSON format

Two plugins were also added to expand the basic functionality of Leaflet.  The first is Esri-Leaflet, a plugin that can include ESRI services.  This was used for adding the historic map layers as tiled Rest services.   Each map has three options for base layers.  The two historic map overlays are courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection:  the 1790 Celestial Globe Gores by Giovanni Maria Cassini, the 1812 The World on Mercator's projection by John Pinkerton, and a modern map layer provided by



The second plugin is Leaflet.markercluster, which makes expandable clusters for overlapping points. Single place marks represent one point on the map.  Within the placemark is a number showing how many quotes are associated with it.  After zooming in, the place mark spiders out into multiple points that can be selected individually.  A popup box appears with the quote, place name, and source letter number.