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As it is not customary to trust foreigners with horses, we were obliged to go our little excursion in chairs, and these being as extraordinary as any thing i have seen in the country, I shall endeavour to describe them. They are of an oblong make, one pole is fixed before and one behind, the top and bottom are fastened together by the pieces of wood to which the poles are sized, and no other woodwork round it, but curtains from top to bottom made of camblet and lined with bays, calculated, one would suppose, rather for the frigid than the torrid zone; at the back part is a little seat about the breadth of two hands; I suppose those who are used to them, can sit very well; but between the narrowest of the seat, and the motion of the chair, a stranger is in danger of being thrown out at every step. The chair is carried by two negro slaves on their shoulders; at every step the foremost gives a groan, which the other answers; this helps to make them keep an equal pace; but it is a melancholy disagreeable noise, and when we first came on shore, hearing the slaves, who were in parties, carrying any thing from one place to another, utter these kind of moans, we thought they were oppressed with burthens beyond their strength; which excited in us much pity for the slaves, and accordingly great contempt for their masters.