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Over 1000 quotes from Mrs. Kindersley's letters have been extracted and identified as corresponding to one of 9 themes and a descriptive subcategory. Select a theme here to view the quotes as a list of entries. To browse the quotes another way, visit the Find Quotes by Map page.

Adornment Quotes

clothing, makeup, jewelry, hair, body modification, veils

Behavior Quotes

disposition, productivity, drugs, crime, virtue, customs

Built Environment Quotes

architecture, public space, domestic space, decoration, agriculture

Culture Quotes

food,wine,visual art,music,dance, celebrations,street performers

Natural Environment Quotes

land, water, flora, fauna, climate

Physicality Quotes

body, features, beauty, skin color

Social Roles Quotes

age, animals, gender, class, occupations, sexuality

Social Systems Quotes

religion, government, history, demographics, family, military, slavery, education, colonialism, servants

Transportation Quotes

boats, palanquins, riding, carriages